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Whether you chose to hire us as your Contractor or Consultant on your forthcoming project,
our long track record, knowledge and expertise will prove to be an invaluable aid to you.

The final results will be
quality, efficiency and craftsmanship.

    Project Assessment

    Phase one of your remodeling project will include steps to help you get an overall understanding of all that is required for the process to take ground.

  • On-site Due Diligence with Property Owner to Determine Renovation Needs
  • Obtain a Copy of the Property Survey
  • Check the City and County Parameters Concerning Setbacks & Available Footprint for the Desired Construction
  • Project Outline & Projected Range of Anticipated Costs

    Professional Sealed Design & Cost Assessment

    When you have reached phase two of your project, you will have a clear understanding on the design of your plans and the estimated budget.

  • Sealed Architectural Plans & Specifications
  • Site Plan for Exterior Renovations
  • Equipment Schedule
  • Localized Cost of Labor & Materials

    Construction & Financing

  • Furnish Copies of Final Plans & Specifications
  • Assist in Locating Financing
  • Oversee and Hire Reputable Licensed Contractors to Complete the Construction Project

  • Home Additions
  • Room Expansion
  • Retrofits & Renovations
  • Kitchen Enlargements
  • In-law Suites
  • New Construction
  • Condo Remodels
  • Accessible Renovations
  • Green Construction