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Easy Accessible Living is for Everyone!

Additions for Accessible Living Solutions

Traditional Home Builders have seldom considered the needs of those who have limited physical capabilities. These limited capabilities can make daily activities very difficult and frustrating. We understand these limitations and provide Accessible Living Solutions to make your existing home a safer and more comfortable home for everyone’s enjoyment. In conjunction with your addition, a few small changes can make your existing home a place you can enjoy with more independence. Things like widened doorways, enlarged shower or bathroom grab bars alone can make daily routines less frustrating. We provide custom addition designs that will satisfy and enhance your lifestyle needs.

Accessibility Renovation costs can vary greatly.

To make these determinations, we provide Flat Fee based Professional Consultation & Assessments which include;

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On-site Client Needs Assessment


Professional Sealed Design & Cost Assessment

We Provide Complete Project Design including:


Construction & Financing Consultation

Let a Certified Accessibility Professional Help You!

Bill Lynch & Associates are Certified Aging Specialists. These certifications given by the National Association of Home Builders combined with years of General Contractor experience, qualifies us to provide an authoritative 3-Phase Assessment and Consultation service to evaluate your current and future needs.

Additions to Include

Accessible Exteriors

Accessible Interiors

Architectural Design